There is a female Teacher Aide at UPMC Mercy by the name of Courtney Ochman. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD AROUND THIS GIRL.

She publicly shames individuals via social media for their medical history and can be referred to as no other than an "internet bully". Would you trust your child being taken care of by an individual like that?

Personally, I will no longer ever use any UPMC child care services because they have someone on their staff like her. UPMC should keep an eye as to what their employees are doing online, as it can tarnish there reputation as a company.

Reason of review: inappropriate employee behaviour.

Preferred solution: speak to your employee about her behavior.

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1350907

The OP obviously has something against this person, from the comments I see.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1338852

I am a friend of Courtney's and know the individual who wrote this post. They've bullied her for a long time now and this is slanderous falsities.

They just are trying to find another way to hurt her. She is a kind woman with a huge heart and some people take advantage of that with her. This is not a true post.

She is a hardworking and extremely kind person. I know many people who would agree and also know this is a false claim.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1338849

Hello, to any readers or potential employers looking to hire Ms. Ochman---

She is a wonderful individual with a spectacular work ethic and sparkling personality.

I would recommend her to any health related position she qualifies for. The information above is actually false.

I suggest UPMC remove the post due to slander of the individual. Thank you!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1338847

I know Courtney Ochman and my child was her student. This is completely false.

She's an amazing person and teacher and we adored having her as our child's teacher as did many of the parents.

She taught them so much and was always happy and energetic. A real genuinely lovely human being.

New York, New York, United States #1338781

Doesn't this post make YOU an Internet bully ? You could have contacted her employer instead of slandering her on the Internet -

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