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    • Insurance coverage 3
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11-8-16 Spoke 2 a page on the phone 2 help me resolve a crisis relative 2 someone on this property smoking reefer all night 4 more than 1 year! Guess what she hung up the phone mid sentence! Why!!? How RUDE! Called back 2 someone else answering the phone with a smile in her voice..then called back & got someone else who gave me the old routine.whats r phone # etc. They don't know they were talking 2 a former social worker..& the dialouge... Read more

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My Mom, Jacqueline McGrath, was admitted on September 22nd to UMPC Montefiore with B-type Natr. 369. Since then it rose to 942. How do I get a cardiologist to figure out why she is in severe heart failure. They are treating her with high units of Lacix to remove the fluid from her system, which has increased her BUN lab results to 48, it is making it easier for her to breath, but also putting her in stage 4 kidney failure. What does it... Read more

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The My UPMC portal sucks. The information they require is entirely too invasive and the system doesn't work. When you call for assistance the people are rude if available at all. They experience such high call volume because the are short staffed for the amount of problems they create online. Too bad the more modern medical care becomes the worse off everyone is. They say stress is a bad for your health. Perhaps UPMC should make things a little... Read more

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On June 29th I was at work when I was told that my boss wanted to speak with me. I went to his office and he explained to me that a co-worker had voiced concerns about me and that I seemed more deppressed than usual. He is a required reporter and offered to take me to UPMC Altoona crisis center for a psych eval. I agreed because I did not want a huge scene made at my place of employment. My boss drove be to UPMC. When we arrived there I was... Read more

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  • Aug 19
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I sat for two hours to get blood drawn as thry on called 1 person back in an hour.

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UPMC takes one minute to extra charge patient and takes more than 8 months, saying mailed out a check but very irresponsible, still no refund received. Read more

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The UPMC insurance for you totally sucks. UC diabetes is on a rampage and is considered a a life-threatening situation. But when a doctor leaves a practice UPMC send out a letter leaving you know what is going on but when it comes to the insurance like for your diabetic supplies when they stopped dealing with a company they do not send you out a letter leaving you know that they do not deal with them at all anymore. What is a person supposed to... Read more

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  • May 27
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I had a routine annual blood test performed at a upmc facility. The test , as upmc said cost $925. They only covered $452, leaving the remainder for me to pay. This was with their insurance. I inquired at Lab Cor , for the same blood test , WITHOUT insurance would cost $275 !!!! It sure looks like to me to be a major rip off !!!!

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Their billing department is a joke. At first I was told I was about to be sent to collections a few days after I got my first invoice! The rep said they may have gotten lost in the mail...Then they are requiring $250 each month to keep my bill out of a collections agency and I simply can't just stop paying my rent and other bills to afford this! They refuse to work with me and their "supervisor" Christine only suggested to wait until it's sent... Read more

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on may 20th 2016. my drug addicted daughter decided to get even with me for having her boyfriend arrested for kicking in my front door. she called the resolve crisis center and told them several lieas about me. they talked to me , 2 of my other daughters then, even though the female worker told myself and the police the complaintant was obviously high, they permitted her to fill out 302 papers on me! and the ... Read more

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